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Company Introduction


With Strong OEM and ODM Background

Bay Chin Co. Ltd started in Taiwan, on the way we watch our steps and keep going steadily. In 1973, we established our leather factory, in the following years, our business has grown tremendously.With our strong OEM and ODM background, we have provided solutions to well-known brands in Europe, the US and Japan such as Bally, YSL, Polo and Pierre Cardin. In 1998, we established a factory in China for expanding the business. We have truly rooted downward and grown upward since then.

Rich product types

The types of our mobile phone cases or tablet cases include flip, stand, wallet, quick smart window, holster and aluminum bumper. Materials available for making our products include real leather, PU leather, TPU, PC, metal/aluminum, polyester and more. Besides, we also offer screen protectors that are made of PET or class A materials, briefcases and backpacks.

Excellent Organizational Capabilities and Efficient Actions

In 2010, we have developed our own brand for supporting the local distribution channels. We had foreseen the rapid rise of mobile phone market. Our excellent organizational capabilities and efficient actions in accessories market have led us to win the contracts from the local most famous telecom companies such as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and more. Until now, many projects have accumulated in Bagrun and the results are sumptuous.

More Than 40 Years of Experience in the Business

Bay Chin Co. Ltd has more than 40 years of experience, and we will continually keep a serious attention to the quality and the sincere attitude. Our innovative ideas and flexibility in creation bring you the honest good stuff.

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